The hard torrones

The Hard Torrones - (Click for depliant)

Torrone classico

Hard nougat with hazelnuts
Together with almonds torrone it forms the classical couple of this product. Here there are the perfumed honey of our hills and the "avellane ", the best hazelnuts, which give even the name to our land.
Hard nougat with almonds 
Together with hazelnuts torrone it forms the classical couple of this product. There are the Millefiori honey and the fine almonds of near Puglia, with their sumptuous and long aroma.
Torrone classico
Torrone classico Gianduja hazelnuts milk chocolate with hazelnuts
In this product the fragrance of the finest hazelnuts, which are submerged in gianduja so soon as they are toasted, can be appreciated to the utmost. The gianduja is made from the paste of the same hazelnuts mixed with a very fíne milk chocolate.

Coated hard nougat with almonds
This is the fine delicate almonds torrone coated with an excellent extra-bitter chocolate: honey fragrance and best cacao richness.
Torrone classico
Torrone classico Sponge-cake stuffed hard nougat
The classical hard torrone is here opened up to enclose a filling made up of sponge cake that has absorbed the precious Strega liqueur. The whole is held together by a shell of our fine extra-bitter chocolate.

Made in Italy
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