The torrone of "Il Casale", The torrone of Montevergine

Honey and hazelnuts, the preeminent products of our land, compose torrone, the principal moment of joy and refreshment for those who, in pilgrímage, have always arríved in our parts for the "Festa di Montevergine", a very famous Sanctuary in the South of ltaly.

"Il Casale" is on thís route, and our predecessors, who had been in thís area sínce always, by refiníng and perfectíng thís product made of it a synonym for themselves.

And today we descendants mean to sustaín this nobílíty by holding stríctly to the genuíneness of the originals, and we can thus offer to those who honour us with theír choíce the qualíty that our tradítíon guarantees
Dove siamo.


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