The soft torrones

The Soft Torrones - (Click for depliant)

Tender nougat with almonds
The richness of the best Puglia almonds gives a great flavour to the soft but tenacious foam of this torrone, made from a bouquet of different honeys. So we have such readiness and fragrance of the taste that this becomes the all year torrone
Soft nougat candy with chocolate
This is a torrone that only we of  "Il Casale" produce, for it comes from an our own recipe. It has the best of torrone: the honeys, and the best of chocolate: the cocoa mass.
Coated tender  with almonds
This is the soft -version of the Coated Hard Nougat. In fact, we have a torrone of medium consistence on which the same best chocolate of the other one is spread.

Made in Italy
Quality and tradition from Italy

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